Microsoft Kinect Support from Simulink

Acquire data from Microsoft Kinect For Windows into Simulink. Kinect is a natural interaction device with an RGB camera, 3-D depth sensor, and 4-channel microphone.

Microsoft® Kinect for Windows is a natural interaction device with an RGB camera, 3-D depth sensor, and 4-channel microphone. The Kinect can perform human skeletal tracking, gesture recognition, face tracking, and voice recognition. In addition, it can be used to realize applications in fields such as robotics, kinesiology, and civil engineering. For example, you can steer a robot using Kinect for Windows by obtaining information from the sensors about the surroundings. You can reconstruct a nearby scene for 3-D modeling and simulation.

To connect Microsoft Kinect to Simulink, you need to use the Simulink Support for Kinect File Exchange entry. With this add-on, you also need to install either the Microsoft Kinect SDK or the OpenNI framework. OpenNI is a set of open source APIs that provide access to the raw sensor stream as well as middleware-level capabilities such as skeletal tracking. OpenNI framework also supports ASUS Xtion PRO or PrimeSense cameras with Simulink.

Below is a description of support package capabilities:

SDKMicrosoft Kinect for Windows 1.6OpenNI
OSWindows 7 32bit/64bitWindows 7 32bit/64bit
Mac OS X
Linux (Ubuntu)
RGB cameraVGA (max. 30 FPS)VGA (max. 30 FPS)
QVGA (max. 60 FPS)
3-D depth cameraVGA (max. 30 FPS)
Near mode and Seated mode
VGA (max. 30 FPS)
QVGA (max. 60 FPS)
IR cameraN/AX
Motion recognitionXX
Skeleton Tracking24 skeleton joints max
2 persons tracked max
20 skeleton joints max
2 persons tracked max
Auto skeleton tracking
Tilt motor controlXN/A

MathWorks Requirements



Also supported in student and home software.


Support Package


Third-Party Requirements





  • One of these two options:
    1. Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK v1.6 (for Windows only)
    2. OpenNI framework (for Windows, Mac, or Linux)
      • OpenNI Binaries (32-bit or 64-bit, matching your use of 32-bit or 64-bit MATLAB)
      • Primesense NITE Middleware
      • Primesense Sensor Module
  • Compiler
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition (VC++)
    • Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1
    • GCC C++ Compiler

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