SISO Design Tool Overview

The SISO Design Tool is a graphical-user interface (GUI) to design compensators.

The SISO Design Tool has the following components:

  • The SISO Design Task Node in the Control and Estimation Tools Manager, a user interface (UI) that facilitates the design of compensators for single-input, single-output feedback loops through a series of interactive panes.

  • The Graphical Tuning Window, a graphical user interface (GUI) for displaying and manipulating the Bode, root locus, and Nichols plots for the controller currently being designed. This window is titled SISO Design for Design Name. The Graphical Tuning Window by default displays the root locus and Bode diagrams for your imported systems. The two are dynamically linked; for example, if you change the gain in the root locus, it immediately affects the Bode diagrams as well.

  • The SISO Design Task-associated Linear System Analyzer.

  • A tool that automatically generates compensators using PID, internal model control (IMC), or linear-quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) methods.

  • Optimization-based tuning methods that automatically tune the system to satisfy design requirements (available if you have Simulink® Design Optimization™ software installed).

For more information about SISO Design Tool menus and options, see:

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