Install Software for Group Member Licenses


After you set up the Group Member licenses, you as the Administrator contact for the Group license, must ensure the software is installed on your users' computers. You do not install software for the Group license itself—only for the Group Member licenses. Depending on the size of your group, and the amount of control you want to retain over the Group license, there are several ways to perform this task:

  • You install the software on all your users' computers — You can go to each user's computer and run the installer. During installation, you log in to your MathWorks® Account, select a Group Member license, and specify the operating system login name (username) of the user who will use the software.

    If you have many installations to perform, there are various ways to automate this installation process. For example, on systems running Windows®, you can create an installer initialization file. In this file, you put all the information you would enter interactively using the installer and then specify the initialization file when you start the installer. You can also use third-party software deployment tools to perform multiple installations.

  • You let users install the software on their own computers — You can create MathWorks Accounts for each user and associate a Group Member license with each account. Users can run the installer, log in to their account, and select the Group Member license to install. If you prefer not to create accounts for your users, they can create their own accounts by visiting the MathWorks website during installation. You must give each user an Activation Key that identifies a Group Member license. To retrieve an Activation Key, click the Advanced Options button on the Activation and Installation panel.

    If your users do not have an Internet connection, you must give each user a File Installation Key to install MathWorks products. The File Installation Key identifies the set of products they can install. To retrieve a File Installation Key, go to License Center on the MathWorks website. Select a Group Member License and click the Advanced Options button on the Activation and Installation panel. You can use one, all-product File Installation Key and let all your users install the same set of products. You can then limit their access to the correct product mix for each user during activation. Note, however, that when using an all-product File Installation Key, users will be able to see the documentation for all the installed products in the MATLAB® Help browser, including products they are not licensed to use.

For step-by-step installation instructions, see the installation documentation.

When the installation completes, the installer gives you the option of activating the software. You will not be able to use the software until you activate it. If you activate the software immediately after installation and you are already logged in to your MathWorks Account, the activation process skips the log in and license selection steps.

To exit the installer without activating, clear the Activate MATLAB check box and click Finish. You can always activate later — see Activate Group Member Licenses for more information.

Sample Software Installation

In the example introduced previously (see A Sample Group License), the Administrator of the Sample Group License gave Bruce, Clive, and Ellen permission to download products. They can download the software and install it on their computers. Because the Administrator associated the users with Group Member licenses, they can run the installer, log in to their accounts, select the Group Member license, and install it.

The Administrator must give Abby and David the MathWorks DVD or download the files for them. The Administrator installs the software on the lab system.

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