Redefining Concatenation for Your Class

Default Concatenation

You can concatenate objects into arrays. For example, suppose you have three instances of the class MyClass, obj1, obj2, obj3. You can form various arrays with these objects using brackets. Horizontal concatenation calls horzcat:

HorArray = [obj1,obj2,obj3];

HorArray is a 1–by–3 array of class MyClass. You can concatenate the objects along the vertical dimension, which calls vertcat:

VertArray = [obj1;obj2;obj3]

VertArray is a 3–by–1 array of class MyClass. You can use the cat function to concatenate arrays along different dimensions. For example:

ndArray = cat(3,HorArray,HorArray);

ndArray is a 1–by–3–by–2 array.

Overload horzcat, vertcat, and cat to produce specialized behaviors in your class. You must overload both horzcat and vertcat whenever you want to modify object concatenation because MATLAB® uses both functions for any concatenation operation.

Example of horzcat and vertcat

Subclasses of Built-In Types with Properties

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