Passive Devices

Passive electrical devices, such as fuses, potentiometers, relays

Simscape Blocks

DPDT Switch Model double-pole double-throw switch
DPST Switch Model double-pole single-throw switch
SPDT Switch Model single-pole double-throw switch
SPST Switch Model single-pole single-throw switch
Crystal Model stable resonator
Fuse Model fuse that protects against excessive current
Incandescent Lamp Model incandescent lamp, with resistance depending on temperature
Nonlinear Inductor Model inductor with nonideal core
Nonlinear Transformer Model transformer with nonideal core
Potentiometer Model rotary or linear-travel potentiometer controlled by physical signal
Relay Model switching and associated delay of relay
Resistor Model linear resistor with optional noise
Thermal Resistor Model resistor with thermal port
Three-Winding Mutual Inductor Model three coupled inductors
Transmission Line Model delay-based or lumped parameter transmission line
Variable Capacitor Model linear time-varying capacitor
Variable Inductor Model linear time-varying inductor
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