rfckt.coaxial class

Package: rfckt

Coaxial transmission line


h = rfckt.coaxial
h = rfckt.coaxial('Property1',value1,'Property2',value2,...)


Use the coaxial class to represent coaxial transmission lines that are characterized by line dimensions, stub type, and termination.

A coaxial transmission line is shown in cross-section in the following figure. Its physical characteristics include the radius of the inner conductor of the coaxial transmission line a, and the radius of the outer conductor b.

h = rfckt.coaxial returns a coaxial transmission line object whose properties are set to their default values.

h = rfckt.coaxial('Property1',value1,'Property2',value2,...) returns a coaxial transmission line object, h, with the specified properties. Properties that you do not specify retain their default values.


AnalyzedResultComputed S-parameters, noise figure, OIP3, and group delay values
EpsilonRRelative permittivity of dielectric
InnerRadiusInner conductor radius
LineLengthTransmission line length
LossTangentTangent of loss angle
MuRRelative permeability of dielectric
NameObject name
nPortNumber of ports
OuterRadiusOuter conductor radius
SigmaCondConductor conductivity
StubModeType of stub
TerminationStub transmission line termination


analyzeAnalyze circuit object in frequency domain
calculateCalculate specified parameters for circuit object
circleDraw circles on Smith chart
getz0Characteristic impedance of transmission line object
listformatList valid formats for specified circuit object parameter
listparamList valid parameters for specified circuit object
loglogPlot specified circuit object parameters using log-log scale
plotPlot specified circuit object parameters on X-Y plane
plotyyPlot specified object parameters with y-axes on both left and right sides
polarPlot specified circuit object parameters on polar coordinates
semilogxPlot specified circuit object parameters using log scale for x-axis
semilogyPlot specified circuit object parameters using log scale for x-axis
smithPlot specified circuit object parameters on Smith chart
writeWrite RF data from circuit or data object to file


tx1 =
           Name: 'Coaxial Transmission Line'
           nPort: 2
           AnalyzedResult: []
           LineLength: 0.0100
           StubMode: 'NotAStub'
           Termination: 'NotApplicable'
           OuterRadius: 0.0045
           InnerRadius: 7.2500e-004
           MuR: 1
           EpsilonR: 2.3000
           LossTangent: 0
           SigmaCond: Inf


Pozar, David M. Microwave Engineering, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2005.

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