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Tiger 555/565

Compact, rugged prototyping ECU with real-time hardware, I/O, and signal conditioning


  • Compact design for rapid control prototyping, calibration, and processor-in-the-loop ECU development
  • Tiger series prototyping ECUs meet SAE J1445 and TMC environmental standards for field use
  • Built tough to survive severe vibration, drop tests, salt spray, and immersion in water
  • Highly tolerant, rugged power supply survives high-voltage transients
  • Expandable system architecture with flexible I/O options
  • Embedded MPC5xx-based ECUs ease the transition to production systems


Tiger 555/565_image

The Tiger series modules are rugged prototyping ECUs housed in a machined aluminum chassis milled out of a single aluminum 6061 billet, gold-chromated, and then powder-coated with an exterior-rated powder. The units are designed to survive severe vibration, drop tests, salt spray, and immersion in water. They are rigorously tested on SAE J1445 and joint SAE/TMC environmental standards. All units feature a flexible 8 to 60V input power supply, enabling them to operate in cars, heavy trucks, marine systems, and 42V busses. The power supply is rugged; it tolerates transients to 100V; has ESD, EFT protection, and is short-circuit proof, reverse-battery proof, and load dump tolerant. All I/O is also fully protected against over-voltage and over-current conditions. All signals are protected against ESD, transients, and short circuits filtered where applicable, and are designed to survive the rigors of the road for years of unattended service.

The system design allows users to start with a base system and add modules as needed: power drivers (H-bridges, low side drivers, etc.), storage systems, communication modules, and custom add-on boards. Modules stack below the base unit and maintain enclosure integrity. There are no external wiring harnesses to connect and no reliability issues with multiple units and multiple harnesses. The Tiger 555/565 modules are built around the Freescale MPC5XX series microcontrollers, which are well proven in production vehicles. Code migration from the prototyping system to production environment is seamless.

The Tiger 555/565 prototyping ECUs are Simulink Coder targets that leverage MathWorks code generation products including Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder. In addition, all Tiger modules optionally support code generation using the GNU C Compiler (gcc) for PowerPC via the CompLink Toolbox, also from Pathway Technologies.

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  • Embedded Hardware - MCU, DSP, FPGA


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