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Physik Instrumente precision motion controllers

Precision controllers for servo, stepper, DC, piezo, and NEXACT motors and drives


  • Complete systems with controller and amplifier
  • High performance at low cost
  • Multistage, multiaxis support (up to six axes)
  • Nonvolatile macro storage for standalone functionality
  • I/O for automation, joystick for manual operation
  • Parameter changes on the fly


Physik Instrumente offers a broad range of controllers that provide cost-effective and flexible precision motion control for servo, stepper, DC, piezo, and NEXACT® motors and drives. PI provides a specific DLL for each controller model. Some controllers can interface with MATLAB by creating a class that provides the functions featured by the controller DLL as member functions. Status variables such as actual position are also accessible as properties. A sample MATLAB® interface is provided as a starting point for customers' own programs. A selection of PI controllers is described below.

The Mercury Step stepper motor controller (C-663) provides a solution for cost-effective and flexible motion control applications where a precision positioner is to be controlled by a PC or programmable logic controller (PLC). The latest-generation Mercury (C-863) servo motor controller is more powerful and versatile, with both a USB interface for data interchange with PCs and an RS-232 interface for use in industrial applications.

The C-867 controller is designed for closed-loop positioning systems equipped with PILine® piezo linear motor drives. In addition to the digital servo controller, the compact case also contains the driver electronics for the piezo ceramic motors.

E-710 digital piezo controllers support piezo nanopositioning and scanning stages. Based on 32-bit digital signal processors (DSPs), they include integrated, low-noise power amplifiers for piezo actuators and excitation/read-out electronics for extremely high-resolution capacitive position sensors. E-710s provide up to eight piezo driver channels, seven sensor channels, and the processing power for coordinated control of up to six logical axes, making them superior to controllers based on a number of individual, independent single-axis modules.

The compact E-861 controller is designed to operate NEXACT linear drives and closed-loop positioning systems using them, simply and precisely. In perfect harmony with the mechanics, the E-861 supports both motion modes of the PiezoWalk® stepping drive: for longer moves, the stepping mode, and for moves shorter than typically 7 µm, the analog mode, which provides high-dynamics positioning with resolutions of less than 1 nm.

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