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INTEGRATED Engineering Software tools

Hybrid simulation tools for electromagnetic and particle trajectory design analysis


  • CAE 2-D and 3-D simulation software
  • Electromagnetic and particle trajectory analysis
  • Thermal and system simulation
  • BEM and FEM in a single package for independent verification
  • Parallel processing included in all software packages
  • Optimization tools: parametric analysis, API, and/or scripting


Integrated Engineering Software line of products

INTEGRATED Engineering Software provides two- and three-dimensional simulation software for applications that require electromagnetic, particle trajectory, and thermal analysis. Since 1984, INTEGRATED has offered a suite of complete solutions for engineering and scientific designs involving multiple disciplines - creating simulation software programs that analyze a full spectrum of physical problems.

INTEGRATED’s software is used by designers of devices for a variety of applications, including  bushings, cables, insulators, sensors, switchgear, transformers, transmission lines, generators, coil design, electromagnets, magnets, motors, NDT, solenoids, shielding, beam optics, charged particle optics, charged particle beams, charged particle trajectory, electrons, ion guns, multipaction, antennas, cable junctions and terminations, filters, near field analysis, waveguides, and inductive heating.

As part of its product line, INTEGRATED offers a suite of thermal and power systems design analysis tools:

* ELECTRO: 2-D/RS Electric Field Simulation Software
* COULOMB: 3-D Electric Field Simulation Software
* SINGULA: 3-D High Frequency Electromagnetic Analysis Software
* CHRONOS: 3-D Finite Difference Time Domain Analysis software
* MAGNETO: 2-D/RS Magnetic Field Simulation Software
* AMPERES: 3-D Magnetic Field Simulation Software
* OERSTED: 2-D/RS Magnetic, Time Harmonic, and Eddy Current Simulation Software
* FARADAY: 3-D Magnetic, Time Harmonic, and Eddy Current Simulation Software
* INDUCTO: Coupled Eddy Current and Thermal Simulation Software

Particle Trajectory
* LORENTZ: 2-D/RS 3-D Particle Trajectory Analysis Software

* KELVIN: 2-D/RS Thermal Simulation Software
* CELSIUS: 3-D Thermal Simulation Software

You can control the advanced simulating capacity of INTEGRATED’s electromagnetic, particle trajectory, and thermal field solvers using MATLAB®. Using the link between INTEGRATED and MATLAB, users’ MATLAB code files can include function calls to the INTEGRATED API to build geometry, assign physical parameters, solve, and obtain results.

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