Mixed-Signal Systems

Digital Predistortion

Digital predistortion is simple in theory, but difficult in practice. Engineers need to control sophisticated test equipment, analyze complex data, and build algorithms for DSPs or FPGAs. These individual tasks can require different tools, adding to the complexity. MATLAB® provides a unifying environment for all these tasks. Engineers can use MATLAB to control power amplifier measurements, create digital predistortion algorithms, and generate C and HDL code for implementation.

Nujira built their digital predistortion and envelope tracking measurement system using MATLAB. In addition, MATLAB controls their Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, and Agilent test equipment via the SCPI and GPIB interfaces and automates their testing process. Commscope uses MATLAB to analyze their large power amplifier data sets to create their digital predistortion algorithms. Alcatel-Lucent employed a similar process to develop their algorithms, and used Xilinx® System Generator to develop digital predistortion code for their Xilinx FPGAs: "The quality of the generated code was so high that we didn't make a single change in the production system," said Dr. Rudolf Wessel, engineering manager at Alcatel-Lucent.