MathWorks Minidrone Competition

United States and Canada 2023 | Virtual

    Learn how to develop an autonomous minidrone line follower and develop key skills like Model-Based Design relevant to the industry—all while having fun using drones!

United States and Canada 2023 Competition Details

Round 1 | Simulation

Develop path planning, image processing, and control systems for a minidrone line follower in simulations

Round 2 | Showcase

Submit a video presentation of your approach used in the simulation round and participate in an audience Q&A session.

This competition is open to high school, undergraduate and graduate students from United States and Canada

Get Ready to Fly

Competition Timeline

Task Deadline
Application 23-Dec-2023
Simulation Submission 06-Feb-2024
Finalist Declaration 06-Mar-2024
Video Submission 18-Mar-2024
Virtual Finals 05-Apr-2024

No participation fees

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