Download this interactive map to explore the latest MATLAB® tools and techniques to save time in wireless simulation, testing, and prototyping. This interactive PDF provides detailed information, plus links to a large collection of wireless design resources:

  • Nine MATLAB case study papers and videos
  • An interactive map of the MATLAB architecture for wireless design
  • Function summaries for LTE, WLAN, RF, antenna, and more
  • Details on SDR platforms supported by MATLAB and Simulink®
  • HDL- and C-code generation capabilities

Wireless engineering teams use today’s MATLAB to reduce development time, from algorithm development through full system simulation and hardware implementation. These engineers save time and eliminate steps by:

  • Proving algorithm concepts in simulation and over-the-air tests
  • Exploring and optimizing system behavior with models that include digital, RF, and antenna elements
  • Eliminating design problems before moving to implementation
  • Streamlining testing and verification with MATLAB and Simulink test harnesses
  • Automatically generating HDL or C code for prototyping and implementation
  • Reusing models to speed up design iterations and next-generation projects

Teams report saving as much as 30% in overall development time and 85% in functional verification time, having fewer design respins, and creating defect-free FPGA and ASIC implementations on the first attempt.

Learn more about wireless communications design with MATLAB.