Event Series

Realising the Autonomous, Carbon-Zero Mine


With increasing concerns around environmental impact and operational optimisation, it is more urgent than ever for mining companies to embrace sustainable and autonomous approaches. Through deployment of simulation, automation and electrification, mining companies can not only meet these challenges, but accelerate production and drive growth.

This series will explore the two trends facing mining companies today: the need to improve energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions, and the growing benefits of autonomous operations in mines. You will hear from experts in the field and MathWorks Australia engineers on the innovations and practical frameworks you can utilise to tackle these trends in your own operations.

The first session focuses on reducing environmental impact during exploration and introduces a mining simulation framework that will allow you to model the impact of transitioning to an electric mine. Inspire Resources will share how they used this framework to model a fully solar powered mine, and Cuedo Controls will share lessons learned from transitioning a diesel-powered system to an electrical system.

In the second session, we present various digitization techniques that can be utilised to improve mine automation. GIS data of a real mine is used to build a virtual representation, visualising impacts of factors such as transportation, RF propagation and path planning.  Together with JKMRC, we will examine the benefit of soft sensors (digital twins) within the plant operations and how these and other sensors can be used to automate mine operations.

Date Topic
Realising the autonomous, carbon-zero mine