Model-Based Design in the Context of Functional Safety


Embedded software development in accordance with IEC 61508, ISO 26262, IEC 62304 or related standards bares many challenges around verification and validation of models and code. Engineers, project managers, and quality assurance managers are involved in the process of matching safety objectives of the standard with operational constraints at the development process level.

Embedded Coder and MathWorks model and code verification and validation tools like Simulink Requirements, Simulink Test and Polyspace Products have been extensively used in the automotive and other industries for developing products that need to meet functional safety requirements. 

In this webinar engineers from MathWorks will introduce the embedded software development workflow using these tools which guarantee a robust and efficient workflow. Learn more about how Model-Based Design supports streamlining your development process, especially verification and validation tasks as well as tool qualification or tool validation. 


  • Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • Requirement-Based testing
  • Model analysis and verification
  • Verification of generated code
  • Ensuring MISRA Compliance for generated and hand-written code
  • Tool Qualification / Validation

About the Presenter

Dr. Marc Segelken, Principal Application Engineer

Dr. Tjorben Gross, Senior Application Engineer

Product Focus

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