Tools of Discovery and Innovation

Over two million engineers and scientists who work at innovative technology companies, research labs, financial institutions, and universities use MATLAB and Simulink. They use them to advance our knowledge of the environment, make cars safer and more fuel efficient, search for new energy sources, make phone calls clearer, advance medical research, and educate the next generation.

Using MATLAB and Simulink to Do Amazing Things

Lund University Hospital Manages Organ-Transplant Risk Researchers develop a predictive artificial neural network model and simulate thousands of risk-profile combinations to identify optimal heart-transplant recipient and donor matches.

manroland Develops High-Precision Commercial Printing Press Controller Engineers design and model the controller, run real-time simulations, and deploy a production system.

Lear Corporation Achieves 100-Day Design Cycle Engineers enable early and continuous verification of automotive body control electronics using simulation and software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop testing.

Technische Universität München Students Develop Algorithms and Make Them Fly Students at the Institute for Flight System Dynamics develop avionics control algorithms, implement them on target hardware, and perform pilot-in-the-loop testing in a research flight simulator.

OHB AG Develops Satellite GNC Software for Autonomous Formation Flying Engineers model guidance, navigation, and control algorithms, perform real-time simulations, and generate production flight code.

University of Toronto Students Design and Simulate Nanosatellite Control Systems Students design, model, and simulate nanosatellite attitude control systems and get experience developing satellite technology and managing actual missions.

Technische Universität München Students Develop Multirotor Copters Students at the Institute for Flight System Dynamics develop models, run simulations, and generate code for controlling multirotor helicopters.

BAE Systems Surface Ships Develops On-Board Trainer Plant Simulation Engineers model and simulate the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer’s physical systems and generate production C code for the training system.