About Our Hybrid Work Model

This is a new era of how people work. Now more than ever, flexibility and work/life balance are essential. 

MathWorkers around the world enjoy a hybrid work policy that enables them to focus on health and wellness and address at-home needs while working together effectively using virtual collaboration tools. 

Staff come together in the office on two core days, typically Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have the option to work from home on the other days. We feel this model best balances the benefits of being in the office—seeing friendly faces and enjoying state-of-the-art facilities—and the convenience of working from home. 

Safety always comes first. MathWorks regularly adapts our hiring and interview processes and each office’s status based on local conditions, and we are prepared to pivot in any way necessary as they evolve. 

MathWorkers spend two days per week in the office, with the option to work the rest at home.
They can also work elsewhere for four weeks per year.

Collage of two photos, one with three staff in a casual setting around a laptop and the other with a staff member in front of a monitor showing staff on a video call

Working Effectively, in the Best of Both Worlds

Over the past few years, people around the world have embraced working from home for many reasons, including less time spent commuting, a less formal environment, and greater ease in dealing with childcare issues. MathWorkers are no exception, and MathWorks understands that many staff members value this arrangement.

We also recognize that part of mental wellbeing is connection. In some cases, there is no substitute for connecting in person with colleagues over coffee, at a whiteboard, or even passing in the hallway. The buzz and energy in the office can spark creativity and innovation and foster networking, community, and belonging. Collaboration, a hallmark of our culture, is an important element of our working structure, but in-person gathering needs to be handled thoughtfully.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

MathWorks headquarters are in Natick, Massachusetts, and we have offices in more than 30 other locations around the world. We strive to design beautiful facilities that offer a variety of conveniences for staff. Many office locations have easy access to public transportation, free parking, free fruit and beverages, and proximity to dining options. Some even have game rooms and fitness centers. See what’s available in the office nearest you.

The MathWorks Hybrid Work Model

  • Staff members are expected to work at the office at least two days per week. 
  • Two synchronous days of the week ensure you can count on seeing the greatest number of your office colleagues in person.
  • Staff have an additional option to temporarily work from a location other than their home or office for four weeks per year.