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Cummins Vehicle Mission Simulation Tool: Software Architecture and Applications

By Nagesh Belludi, Jeremy Raymond, and Joshua Receveur, Cummins Inc., and Arvind Hosagrahara, MathWorks

This paper presents the business purpose, software architecture, technology integration, and applications of the Cummins Vehicle Mission Simulation (VMS) software. VMS is the value-based analysis tool used by marketing, sales, and product engineering to simulate vehicle missions quickly and to gauge, communicate, and improve the value proposition of Cummins engines to customers. VMS integrates MATLAB® and Simulink® with Java®, XML, and JDBC technologies and uses stand-alone mathematical models compiled using Simulink Coder™. A built-in MySQL database contains product data for engines, driveline components, vehicles, and topographic routes.

This paper outlines the database governance model that facilitates effective management, control, and distribution of engine and vehicle data across the enterprise. It presents four case studies on the applications of VMS to help customers understand vehicle performance, optimize vehicle configurations, improve fuel economy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Copyright © 2010 by The MathWorks, Inc. Published by SAE International, with permission.

This paper was presented at SAE World Congress.

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Published 2010

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