MATLAB in Production

Using MATLAB in production software environments

MATLAB® is used to rapidly prototype algorithms, analytics, and models in financial services and other industries. Using MATLAB directly in production software and business critical environments reduces development time and risk compared with recoding in C++, C#, Python, or Java®.

Key capabilities that enable you to put MATLAB in production environments include:

Code Robustness

  • Extensive libraries of prebuilt functions for data analytics, computational finance and many other domains
  • MATLAB code profiling and code coverage tools, and interactive code checking in the MATLAB Editor
  • Unit test framework

Team Collaboration

Enterprise Integration

  • Integration between MATLAB components and C/C++, Java, Python, and .NET environments
  • Deployment on enterprise systems such as application servers, databases, and web servers with MATLAB Production Server™
  • Ability to generate C, C++, and HDL code for use on hardware, and for microsecond latency in algorithmic trading

Software Reference

See also: desktop and web deployment, MATLAB Production Server, MATLAB Compiler SDK, MATLAB Compiler, MATLAB Coder, MATLAB in production videos

Risk Management with MATLAB

Develop, manage, review, and challenge internal and regulatory models.