MATLAB Examples

Visualize Three-Path Rayleigh Channel

This example shows you how to visualize impulse response of a channel.


Create a channel object

While creating the channel object, use name-value pairs to set the Visualization property

to 'Impulse response'.

rayChan = comm.RayleighChannel('SampleRate',100000,'MaximumDopplerShift',130,...
    'PathDelays',[0 1.5e-5 3.2e-5],'AveragePathGains',[0, -3, -3],...
    'Visualization','Impulse response');

Generate a bit stream and create a modulator object. Modulate the bit stream and pass the

modulated DBPSK signal through the channel by calling the channel object.

tx = randi([0 1],500,1);
dbspkMod = comm.DBPSKModulator;
dpskSig = dbspkMod(tx);
y = rayChan(dpskSig);

The impulse response is plotted when the object is called.