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findstartstoptimes (Aero.Node)

Return start and stop times for time series data


[tstart,tstop] = findstartstoptimes(h,tsdata)
[tstart,stop] = h.findstartstoptimes(tsdata)


[tstart,tstop] = findstartstoptimes(h,tsdata) and [tstart,stop] = h.findstartstoptimes(tsdata) return the start and stop times of time series data tsdata for the virtual reality animation object h.


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This example shows how to find the start and stop times of the time series data, takeoffData.

h = Aero.VirtualRealityAnimation;
h.VRWorldFilename = 'asttkoff.wrl';

Figure VR Plane Take-Off contains objects of type hgjavacomponent, uimenu, uipanel, uitoolbar.

load takeoffData;
h.Nodes{7}.TimeSeriesSource = takeoffData;
h.Nodes{7}.TimeSeriesSourceType = 'StructureWithTime';
tstart = 0
stop = 15

Version History

Introduced in R2007b

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