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read (Aero.Geometry)

Read geometry data using current reader


read(h, source)


read(h, source) reads the geometry data of the geometry object h. source can be:

  • 'Auto'

    Selects default reader.

  • 'Variable'

    Selects MATLAB® variable of type structure structures that contains the fieldsname, faces, vertices, and cdata that define the geometry in the Handle Graphics® patches.

  • 'MatFile'

    Selects MAT-file reader.

  • 'Ac3dFile'

    Selects Ac3d file reader.

  • 'Custom'

    Selects a custom reader.


Read geometry data from Ac3d file,

g = Aero.Geometry;
g.Source = 'Ac3d';'');

Version History

Introduced in R2007a