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Configure Host Computer for Ethernet-Based NI-292X or NI-293X Radio Connection

This section guide you through the instructions to configure a host computer for an Ethernet-based NI™-292X or NI-293X radio connection. You must configure the host network settings and IP address of the NI-292X or NI-293X radio in order to proceed with the guided hardware setup. Follow these steps to configure the host-to-radio connection.

  1. If you know the IP address of your radio, you can proceed with the steps mentioned in Configure Ethernet Connection Manually on Windows 10 for USRP Radio to manually set the IP address of your host computer.


    If the IP address of your radio is unknown, reset the radio IP address to the factory default value ( by using the safe-mode button inside the device. For more information, see

  2. After setting the IP addresses of the radio and the host computer, proceed with the installer steps mentioned in Configure Host Computer for Ethernet-Based USRP Radio Connection. Make sure that the radio is connected to the host computer.

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