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Curve Fitting Toolbox Functions - Alphabetical List

Alphabetical List By Category
aptkntAcceptable knot sequence
argnames Input argument names of cfit, sfit, or fittype object
augkntAugment knot sequence
avekntProvide knot averages
brk2kntConvert breaks with multiplicities into knots
bsplinePlot B-spline and its polynomial pieces
categoryCategory of fit of cfit, sfit, or fittype object
cfitConstructor for cfit object
chbpntGood data sites, Chebyshev-Demko points
coeffnamesCoefficient names of cfit, sfit, or fittype object
coeffvaluesCoefficient values of cfit or sfit object
confintConfidence intervals for fit coefficients of cfit or sfit object
csapeCubic spline interpolation with end conditions
csapiCubic spline interpolation
csapsCubic smoothing spline
cscvn“Natural” or periodic interpolating cubic spline curve
dependnamesDependent variable of cfit, sfit, or fittype object
differentiateDifferentiate cfit or sfit object
excludedataExclude data from fit
fevalEvaluate cfit, sfit, or fittype object
fitFit curve or surface to data
fitoptionsCreate or modify fit options object
fittypeFit type for curve and surface fitting
fn2fmConvert to specified form
fnbrkName and part(s) of form
fnchgChange part(s) of form
fncmbArithmetic with function(s)
fnderDifferentiate function
fndirDirectional derivative of function
fnintIntegrate function
fnjmpJumps, i.e., f(x+)-f(x-)
fnminMinimum of function in given interval
fnpltPlot function
fnrfnRefine partition of form
fntlrTaylor coefficients
fnvalEvaluate spline function
fnxtrExtrapolate function
fnzerosFind zeros of function in given interval
formulaFormula of cfit, sfit, or fittype object
frankeFranke's bivariate test function
getGet fit options structure property names and values
getcurveInteractive creation of cubic spline curve
indepnamesIndependent variable of cfit, sfit, or fittype object
integrateIntegrate cfit object
islinearDetermine if cfit, sfit, or fittype object is linear
knt2brk, knt2mltConvert knots to breaks and their multiplicities
newkntNew break distribution
numargsNumber of input arguments of cfit, sfit, or fittype object
numcoeffsNumber of coefficients of cfit, sfit, or fittype object
optkntKnot distribution “optimal” for interpolation
plotPlot cfit or sfit object
ppmakPut together spline in ppform
predintPrediction intervals for cfit or sfit object
prepareCurveData Prepare data inputs for curve fitting
prepareSurfaceDataPrepare data inputs for surface fitting
probnamesProblem-dependent parameter names of cfit, sfit, or fittype object
probvaluesProblem-dependent parameter values of cfit or sfit object
quad2dNumerically integrate sfit object
rpmakPut together rational spline
rscvnPiecewise biarc Hermite interpolation
rsmakPut together rational spline for standard geometric shapes
setAssign values in fit options structure
setoptions Set model fit options
sfitConstructor for sfit object
smoothSmooth response data
sortedLocate sites with respect to mesh sites
spap2Least-squares spline approximation
spapiSpline interpolation
spapsSmoothing spline
spcrvSpline curve by uniform subdivision
splinetoolExperiment with some spline approximation methods
spmakPut together spline in B-form
sptermsExplain spline terms
stmakPut together function in stform
titaniumTitanium test data
tpapsThin-plate smoothing spline
typeName of cfit, sfit, or fittype object