Build Custom Adaptors

Create adaptors to extend toolbox support to third-party vendors and devices

An adaptor provides the interface between Data Acquisition Toolbox™ and a DAQ device driver. There are several adaptors for popular vendors available in the toolbox and its support packages. In addition to these, the SDK provides the tools and templates that enable you to create custom adaptors that extend the toolbox support to DAQ devices from other vendors.

The SDK includes a fully functioning demo adaptor. To explore its usage in a data acquisition session, see Session Workflows with the Demo Adaptor.

As outlined in the Adaptor Creation Summary, when creating your own adaptor you can start with a copy of the demo adaptor, and modify it one step at a time. Details and examples are provided in Create Your Adaptor from the Demo Adaptor.


buildAdaptorBuild adaptor for third-party data acquisition interface
enableDemoAdaptorDiscoveryAllow SDK demo adaptor to be enabled for device discovery and usage


SDK Overview

Toolbox and Adaptor

Learn the relationship between the toolbox and an adaptor.

SDK Contents

Explore the installed SDK folders and files.

Demo Adaptor Exploration

Demo Adaptor Description

Explore the installed SDK demo adaptor.

Enable the Demo Adaptor

Run utility script to make the demo adaptor available in MATLAB.

Session Workflows with the Demo Adaptor

Run a data acquisition session with typical operations.

Test the Demo Adaptor

Use the installed tests for the demo adaptor.

Custom Adaptor Creation

Create Your Adaptor from the Demo Adaptor

Use the demo adaptor as a template for creating a custom adaptor.

Modify Demo Tests for Your Adaptor

Update the installed demo adaptor tests to create a test suite for your own adaptor.

Errors and Exceptions

Handle errors and warnings in your adaptor code.

Channel Groups

Channel group definitions and restrictions.

Custom Functions

Write functions that are not included in the standard set of session functions.

Vendor Adaptor Templates

Use the vendor adaptor templates for creating a custom adaptor from scratch.

Deliver Your Adaptor

Create a toolbox for delivery of your driver, adaptor, and support files.


Adaptor Functions for a Data Acquisition Session

Adaptor and streaming functions called during data acquisition session lifetime workflow.

Adaptor API Reference

Overview of adaptor functions for discovery, configuration, and nonclocked operation.

Streaming API Reference

Overview of functions for streaming operation.

State Machine Diagram

Graphical description of adaptor states during streaming operations.

Streaming Sequence Diagrams

Timing information useful for in-depth knowledge or debugging.