Manual Conversion

Manual floating-point algorithm to fixed-point algorithm conversion


buildInstrumentedMexGenerate compiled C code function including logging instrumentation
showInstrumentationResultsResults logged by instrumented, compiled C code function
clearInstrumentationResultsClear results logged by instrumented, compiled C code function
fiConstruct fixed-point numeric object
fimathSet fixed-point math settings
numerictypeConstruct numerictype object
zerosCreate array of all zeros with fixed-point properties
onesCreate array of all ones with fixed-point properties
castCast variable to different data type

Examples and How To

Manually Convert a Floating-Point MATLAB Algorithm to Fixed Point

Manually convert floating-point MATLAB algorithm to fixed point

Convert Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to Fixed Point

This example shows how to convert a version of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm into fixed-point MATLAB code.

Detect Limit Cycles in Fixed-Point State-Space Systems

This example shows how to analyze a fixed-point state-space system to detect limit cycles.

Compute Quantization Error

This example shows how to compute and compare the statistics of the signal quantization error when using various rounding methods.


Fixed-Point Conversion Workflows

Learn more about the different fixed-point conversion methods. The conversion method you use depends on your end goal and your level of fixed-point expertise.

Manual Fixed-Point Conversion Workflow

Overview of workflow for manual float-to-fixed conversion.

Manual Fixed-Point Conversion Best Practices

These best practices help you get from generic MATLAB® code to an efficient fixed-point implementation using the manual fixed-point conversion workflow.


Decide Which Workflow Is Right For Your Application

Benefits of each conversion workflow to help you decide which one best fits your needs

Know When a Function is Supported for Instrumentation and Acceleration

How to find out which functions are supported for fixed-point conversion

What to Do If a Function Is Not Supported for Fixed-Point Conversion

How to deal with functions that are not supported for fixed-point conversion

fi*non-fi Errors

How to fix fi*non-fi errors

Data Type Mismatch Errors

How to fix data type mismatch errors

Mismatched fimath Errors

How to fix mismatched fimath errors

Featured Examples