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Distances between measurements and predicted measurements


dist = distance(filterObj,zMatrix)
dist = distance(filterObj,zMatrix,measurementParams)


dist = distance(filterObj,zMatrix) computes the distance between one or more predicted measurements given in zMatrix and the current measurement in the filterObj.

dist = distance(filterObj,zMatrix,measurementParams) specifies additional parameters that are used by the MeasurementFcn of the filterObj.

Input Arguments

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Filter for object tracking, specified as an object.

Measurements of tracked objects, specified as a matrix. Each row of the matrix contains a measurement vector.

Parameters for measurement function, specified as a cell array. The parameters are passed to the measurement function defined in the MeasurementFcn property of the filterObj

Output Arguments

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Distances between measurements, returned as a row vector. Each element corresponds to a distance between the predicted measurement in the filterObj and a row of the zMatrix.

Extended Capabilities

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