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GPU Coder Limitations

General Limitations

  • Spaces in file and path names cause build errors in Linux®. GPU Coder™ uses GNU make tools that have known limitations when file names contain spaces. It is generally a good practice to avoid spaces in file, project, and path names.

  • GPU Coder disables integrity and array bounds/dimension checks that are part of MATLAB® Coder™.

  • When using coder.inline('never') option during code generation, GPU Coder creates kernel for only the entry-point function containing the coder.gpu.kernelfun pragma and does not create kernels automatically for any sub-functions within the entry-point function. It is therefore recommended not to use the coder.inline('never') option.

  • Generating kernels for structures with variable-size arrays is not supported.

  • The CUDA® compute capability that you select must match the compute capability of your hardware.

  • When using coder.ceval with GPU pointers, the Check for Issues option for CPU is not supported.

  • GPU Coder does not support code generation for Simulink® blocks. You cannot use the NVIDIA Jetson and NVIDIA Drive boards from the Hardware board option in the Hardware Implementation pane and target NVIDIA® GPUs.

  • GPU Coder does not support SIMD code generation. Disable SIMD code generation by setting the Leverage target hardware instruction set extensions parameter to None.

Function Limitations

  • You can generate CUDA code for only a subset of MATLAB built-in functions and toolbox functions.

  • When targeting NVIDIA Tegra® devices, GPU Coder does not support the quasi-euclidean method of bwdist function and image dimensions greater than 3.

  • When imfilter is used with a 1xN kernel and N is an even integer, shared memory is not used in generated code. When imfilter is used with a three-dimensional image, shared memory is not used in the conv2 implementation.

  • GPU Coder has empty code replacement report even if there is a replacement. This issue has been identified with atan function.

Unsupported CUDA Features

List of CUDA features that are not supported:

  • Texture memory

  • Asynchronous streams

  • Dynamic kernel invocation — calling kernels from within kernels

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