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Custom FPGA Boards

Create board definition files for FPGA Turnkey deployment

Examples and How To

Create Custom FPGA Board Definition

Run the New FPGA Board Wizard to setup a custom board.

Create Xilinx KC705 Evaluation Board Definition File

For FPGA-in-the-loop, you can use your own qualified FPGA board, even if it is not in the pre-registered FPGA board list supplied by MathWorks®.


FPGA Board Customization

Create a custom FPGA board configuration.

FPGA Board Manager

Import, create, or edit a board definition file.

New FPGA Board Wizard

Using the New FPGA Board wizard, you can enter all the required information to add a board to the FPGA board list.

FPGA Board Editor

To edit a board definition XML file, first make it writeable.