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High-Level Synthesis Code Generation from MATLAB

Generate High-Level Synthesis Code from MATLAB® algorithms

High-Level Synthesis (HLS) libraries are C++ based libraries that provides an event-driven simulation interface. HLS sets up a foundation for hardware software co-design and allows the re-use of a test bench across various levels of a modeling abstraction. It also facilitates concurrent running of these processes.

The MATLAB to HLS workflow is an integration of the high-level synthesis tools with the MATLAB programming environment. HLS supports C/C++ datatypes and fixed-precision datatypes that are efficient for hardware design.

Implement your MATLAB algorithm in hardware by generating HLS code and deploying that code on the hardware. Write the MATLAB algorithm with syntax and functions that are compatible with HLS code generation. If the algorithm uses floating-point data, HDL Coder™ helps you to convert it to a fixed-point algorithm. After you generate HLS code and verify that it matches your original algorithm, deploy the HLS code on your target hardware.