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Value of nonlinearity estimator at given input


value = evaluate(nl,x)



Nonlinearity estimator object.


Value at which to evaluate the nonlinearity.

If nl is a single nonlinearity estimator, then x is a 1-by-nx row vector or an nv-by-nx matrix, where nx is the dimension of the regression vector input to nl (size(nl)) and nv is the number of points where nl is evaluated.

If nl is an array of ny nonlinearity estimators, then x is a 1-by-ny cell array of nv-by-nx matrices.


value = evaluate(nl,x) computes the value of a nonlinear estimator object of type customnet, deadzone, linear, neuralnet, pwlinear, saturation, sigmoidnet, treepartition, or wavenet.


The following syntax evaluates the nonlinearity of an estimated nonlinear ARX model m:

value = evaluate(m.Nonlinearity,x)

where m.Nonlinearity accesses the nonlinearity estimator of the nonlinear ARX model.

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Introduced in R2007a