Default display range of image based on its class



range = getrangefromclass(I) returns the default display range of the image I, based on its class type.


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Read 16-bit DICOM image into the workspace.

CT = dicomread('CT-MONO2-16-ankle.dcm');

Get the display range from the image.

r = getrangefromclass(CT)
r = 1×2

      -32768       32767

Input Arguments

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Input image, specified as a numeric array or logical array.

Output Arguments

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Display range, returned as a 2-element numeric vector of the form [min max].

  • For single and double data, getrangefromclass returns the range [0 1] to be consistent with the way double and single images are interpreted in MATLAB®.

  • For integer data, getrangefromclass returns the minimum and maximum representable values for that integer class. For example, if the class is uint8, the dynamic range is [0 255].

  • For logical data, getrangefromclass returns the range [0 1].

Data Types: double

Extended Capabilities

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Introduced before R2006a