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Start streaming point clouds from Ouster lidar sensor

Since R2022a

    Add-On Required: This feature requires the Lidar Toolbox Support Package for Ouster Lidar Sensors add-on.



    start(ousterObj) starts streaming point clouds from the Ouster® lidar sensor specified by the ousterlidar object ousterObj. The function deletes all existing point clouds in the object buffer before adding new point clouds.


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    Specify the model name of an Ouster lidar sensor and the file path of the corresponding calibration file to create an ousterlidar object, obj. The output shows the object properties.

    obj = ousterlidar("OS0-64","OS0-64G_sample.json")
    obj = 
       ousterlidar with properties:
                          Model: 'OS0-64'
                CalibrationFile: 'OS0-64G_sample.json'
                      IPAddress: ''
                           Port: 7502
        NumPointCloudsAvailable: 0
                        Timeout: 10
                      Streaming: 0
                     ReturnMode: {'strongest'}
                FirmwareVersion: 'v2.1.1'
                LidarUDPProfile: 'LEGACY'

    The Streaming property value is 0, indicating that the object is not yet streaming data from the sensor.

    Start streaming point clouds from the sensor by using the start function. The sensor continues streaming in the background.

    Display the Streaming property. The value is 1, indicating that the object is streaming data.

    ans =

    Display the number of point clouds currently available in the buffer.

    ans =

    Use the stop function to stop streaming point clouds into the object buffer.

    Once you use the stop function, the point clouds are available in the object buffer until you use the start function again. You can use the read function to access the available point cloud data in the buffer.


    Input Arguments

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    Ouster sensor connection, specified as an ousterlidar object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a