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Add a Problem

When you select Add Problem, you can choose among the following options for creating the problem:

  • Blank Problem: Author a new problem. You can choose either a function-based or script-based approach.

  • Getting Started with MATLAB Grader and Introduction to Programming (verified instructors only): Copy sample problems authored by MathWorks staff and adapt it for your course or collection. These coding problems illustrate good practices for writing problems and creating assessments.

  • MATLAB Grader Courses and Collections: Copy problems currently in your list of courses and collections, and modify as necessary. These could be problems you have coded yourself, copied from existing problems, been given access to by another instructor, or from an LMS course. To access a coding problem in an LMS, link your MathWorks® Account. For more information, see Link MathWorks Account to MATLAB Grader Coding Problems.

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