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MATLAB Production Server Workflow

The following figure illustrates the basic workflow to deploy MATLAB® code using MATLAB Production Server™.

Deploying MATLAB code using MATLAB Production Server is a four-phase process:

  1. Create deployable archives.

    MATLAB users write MATLAB functions and compile them into deployable archives using MATLAB Compiler™.

  2. Deploying the archives to an instance of the MATLAB Production Server.

    Server administrators take the deployable archives and deploy them into one or more instances of the MATLAB Production Server. In addition to adding the archive to a server's deployment folder, the server administrator might need to:

    • Install a server instance.

    • Set up licenses for a server instance.

    • Configure a server instance.

    • Install a MATLAB Runtime into a server instance.

  3. Write client applications that use deployed MATLAB code via the server.

    Application developers use MATLAB Production Server client APIs to write applications that use MATLAB code.

  4. Install client applications on end-user computers.

    Application installers distribute the client applications to the end-users.