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File containing the private key in PEM format


--x509-private-key path


x509-private-key specifies the path to the private key. The key must be in PEM format.

If you do not set this property, the server instance does not load the private key or the server-side certificates.

Starting in R2019b, if https is enabled on the server, you must set the x509-private-key and x509-cert-chain properties; otherwise, the server fails to start.



Path to the PEM-format private key file. Relative and absolute paths are valid.


  • For on-premises server instances created using the command line, update this server configuration property in the main_config server configuration file.

  • For on-premises server instances created using the dashboard and for server deployments in the cloud, use the dashboard and cloud dashboard, respectively, to update the server configuration property.

Configure Using Command Line

In the main_config file, set the x509-private-key property to the following:

The instance loads the private key from private_key.pem, which is located at instance_root/x509.

--x509-private-key ./x509/private_key.pem

Configure Using Dashboard

In the dashboard, in the Settings tab of your server instance, under SSL, enter the following for the X509 Private Key property: