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Item and Group Management

Manage toolbox representation of server items


addgroupAdd data access group to opcda object
additemAdd data access items to dagroup object
clonegroupClone group into new private group on same client
makepublicConvert private group into public group
removepublicgroupRemove public group from server


GroupTypePublic status of dagroup object
ItemData Access Item objects contained by group
NameDescriptive name for OPC Toolbox object
ParentOPC Toolbox object that contains dagroup or daitem object
TagLabel to associate with OPC Toolbox object
TimeBiasTime bias of group
TypeOPC Toolbox object type
UserDataData to associate with OPC Toolbox object
AccessRightsInherent nature of access to item
ActiveGroup or item activation state
ItemIDFully qualified ID on OPC server
ScanRateFastest possible data update rate
CanonicalDataTypeServer's data type for item
DataTypeClient item's data type
QualityQuality of data value
QualityIDQuality of data value as 16-bit integer
TimeStampTime when item was last read
ValueItem value


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