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browsenamespace (opcda)

Graphically browse OPC DA server name space


ItmList = browsenamespace(DaObj)
ItmList = browsenamespace(DaObj,ItmListInit)
ItmList = browsenamespace(DaObj,ItmListInit,true)



ItmList = browsenamespace(DaObj) opens a graphical name space browser for the OPC Data Access Client object DaObj. The graphical interface lets you construct a list of items and return a list of those fully qualified item IDs to ItmList. You can use ItmList to add items to a Group object using additem. The name space is retrieved from the server incrementally, as needed.

ItmList = browsenamespace(DaObj,ItmListInit) lets you specify an initial list of item IDs to augment.

ItmList = browsenamespace(DaObj,ItmListInit,true) loads the entire name space into the dialog box.


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Connect to the local Matrikon Simulation server and browse for items.

DaObj = opcda('localhost','Matrikon.OPC.Simulation');
ItmList = browsenamespace(DaObj);

Input Arguments

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OPC DA client, specified as an OPC DA client object.

Initial list of OPC DA items, specified as a character vector, string, or cell array that identifies the item IDs. When the browser opens, these items are already included in the selected list.

Data Types: char | string | cell

Indicator to load the entire name space, specified as true. Use this option only if your server does not support partial name space browsing.

Data Types: logical

Output Arguments

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List of OPC DA item IDs, returned as a character vector or cell array of character vectors. Each character vector indicates a selected OPC DA item ID.

Introduced in R2013a