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Connect OPC Toolbox client to server





connect(Obj) connects the opcda or opchda object Obj to the OPC server that specified by the object Host and ServerID properties. When you connect Obj, its Status property takes the value 'connected'. You can disconnect Obj from the server with the disconnect function, which sets the Status property value to 'disconnected'.

If Obj is an array of objects and the function cannot connect some of these objects, it generates a warning. If the function cannot connect any of the objects, it generates an error.

It is possible to create opcda groups and items before connecting to the server. However, servers impose restrictions on client group and item names. Therefore, if you create a group hierarchy and then connect to the server, connect automatically deletes groups or items that the server cannot support, and issues a warning message.


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Create a Data Access client and connect to the server.

da = opcda('localhost','Matrikon.OPC.Simulation');

Create an HDA client for the Matrikon™ Simulation Server and connect to the server.

hdaObj = opchda('localhost','Matrikon.OPC.Simulation');

Input Arguments

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OPC client object, specified as an opcda object, opchda object, or an array of objects.

Example: opchda()

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Introduced before R2006a