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Open OPC Data Access Explorer app




opcDataAccessExplorer opens the OPC Data Access Explorer app. The OPC Data Access Explorer app allows you to graphically browse the contents of an OPC server, view server item properties, and create and configure OPC Toolbox™ clients, groups and items. With the OPC Data Access Explorer app you can also read and write OPC data, configure and start a logging session, and export logged data to the workspace.

If you use the OPC Data Access Explorer app to configure clients, groups, and items, you can export these to the workspace, a MAT-file, or an OPC session file that you can import into the app later.

opcDataAccessExplorer(SessionName) opens OPC Data Access Explorer app and loads a previously saved OPC session file identified by SessionName. If you do not specify a file extension as part of SessionName, .osf is the default.

For an example of a session with this app, see Access Data with OPC Data Access Explorer.

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Introduced in R2014a