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Property information for OPC Toolbox objects


Out = propinfo(Obj)
Out = propinfo(Obj,'PropName')


Out = propinfo(Obj) returns a structure array, Out, with field names given by the property names for Obj. Each property name in Out contains a structure with the fields shown below.

Field Name



Data type of the property. Possible values are 'any', 'callback', 'double', and 'string'.


Type of constraint on the property value. Possible values are 'bounded', 'callback', 'enum', and 'none'.


List of valid character vector values or a range of valid values


Default value for the property


Condition under which a property is read-only:

  • 'always' — Property cannot be configured.

  • 'whileConnected' — Property cannot be configured while Status is set to 'connected'.

  • 'whileLogging' — Property cannot be configured while Logging is set to 'on'.

  • 'never' — Property can be configured at any time.

Out = propinfo(Obj,'PropName') returns a structure array, Out, for the property specified by PropName. If PropName is a cell array of character vectors or an array of strings, then the function returns a cell array of structures for each property.


da = opcda('localhost','Dummy.Server'); 
allInfo = propinfo(da)
serverIDInfo = propinfo(da,'ServerID')

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Introduced before R2006a