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Sharing Models with Simscape Users

The Simscape™ Editing Mode functionality lets you open, simulate, and save models that contain blocks from add-on products, including Simscape Fluids™ blocks, in Restricted mode, without checking out add-on product licenses, as long as the products are installed on your machine.

This functionality allows a user, model developer, to build a model that uses Simscape and Simscape Fluids blocks and share that model with other users, model users. When building the model in Full mode, the model developer must have both a Simscape license and a Simscape Fluids license. Once the model is built, model users need only to check out a Simscape license to simulate the model and fine-tune its parameters in Restricted mode. As long as no structural changes are made to the model, model users can work in Restricted mode and do not need to check out Simscape Fluids licenses.

Another workflow lets multiple users, who all have Simscape licenses, share a small number of Simscape Fluids licenses by working mostly in Restricted mode, and temporarily switching models to Full mode only when they need to perform a specific design task that requires being in Full mode.

For a complete description of this functionality, see Add-On Product License Management (Simscape).