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Polyspace Code Prover Access

Review code proving results and monitor software quality metrics

Polyspace® Code Prover™ Access™ provides a web browser interface to Polyspace code verification results proving the absence of critical run-time errors in source code. It includes a central repository for analysis results that enables team-based collaboration. Results from Polyspace Code Prover Server™ can be published to Polyspace Code Prover Access for triage and resolution. With Polyspace Code Prover Access you can create and assign tickets in defect-tracking systems such as Jira.

Polyspace Code Prover Access dashboards display information that you can use to monitor software quality. The dashboards help you graphically track overall project status in terms of run-time errors and measure progress against Software Quality Objectives (SQO) thresholds.

Getting Started

Learn the basics of Polyspace Code Prover Access

Review Results in Polyspace Code Prover Access

Review Polyspace Code Prover results on a web browser, add comments and create tickets, download and upload results, generate reports

Manage Polyspace Code Prover Access Software

Software installation, license management, services configuration