Print Multiple Pages for Large Models

  1. In the Simulink® Editor, open the model in the current tab.

  2. On the Simulation tab, click Print.

  3. In the Print Model dialog box, select Enable tiled printing.

    The default Enable tiled printing setting in the Print Model dialog box is the same as the Print > Enable Tiled Printing setting. If you change the Print Model dialog box Enable tiled printing setting, the Print Model dialog box setting takes precedence.

  4. Confirm that tiling divides the model into separate pages the way you want it to appear in the printed pages. In the Simulink Editor, on the Simulation tab, select Print > Show Page Boundaries. The gray and white squares indicate the page boundaries.

  5. Optionally, from the MATLAB® command line, specify the model scaling, tile margins, or both. See Set Tiled Page Scaling and Margins.

  6. Optionally, specify a subset of pages to print. In the Print Model dialog box, specify the Page Range.

  7. Click Print.

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