Print Using Print Frames

To print using a print frame, you specify an existing print frame. If you want to build a print frame, see Create a Print Frame.


If you enable the print frame option, then Simulink® does not use tiled printing.

  1. In the Simulink Editor or Stateflow® Editor, on the Simulation tab, click Print.

  2. In the Print Model dialog box, select the Frame check box.

  3. Supply the file name for the print frame you want to use. Either type the path and file name directly in the edit box, or click the ... button and select a print frame file you saved using the PrintFrame Editor. The default print frame file name, sldefaultframe.fig, appears in the file name edit box until you specify a different file name.

  4. Specify other printing options in the Print Model dialog box.


    The paper orientation you specify with the PrintFrame Editor does not control the paper orientation used for printing. For example, assume you specify a landscape-oriented print frame in the PrintFrame Editor. If you want the printed page to have a landscape orientation, you must specify that using the Print Model dialog box.

  5. Click OK.

    The block diagram prints with the print frame that you specify.

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