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Capture Frames

The Simulink® 3D Animation™ product allows you to save a frame snapshot (capture) of the current Simulink 3D Animation viewer scene. You can save this frame as either a TIF or PNG format file. You can later view this scene offline (in other words, without the Simulink 3D Animation viewer). You can treat this frame capture file like any other TIF or PNG file, such as print it, include it in other files.

After you complete the steps in Configure Frame Capture Parameters, you can capture frames of a virtual scene.

You can capture frames of the virtual world from the Simulink 3D Animation viewer through the menu bar, toolbar, or keyboard. This section assumes that you have specified frame capture file formats.

These actions save the captures in files in the current folder.

  • From the menu bar, choose Recording > Capture Frame to capture a frame.

  • From the toolbar, click the Capture a frame screenshot button to capture a frame.

  • From the keyboard, press Ctrl+I to capture a frame.

You can view the frame capture files using any tool that reads tif or png files, including the MATLAB® imread function. For example,


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