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Exclude Blocks from Edit Time Checking

While editing a model, you can exclude blocks from Model Advisor analysis. Applicable Model Advisor exclusions specified through the Simulink editor are also applied during edit-time.

To exclude a block from Model Advisor analysis during edit-time:

  1. From the command prompt, open sldemo_fuelsys.

  2. Introduce a warning that is visible in edit-time checking. Add the number 9 to the beginning of the Engine Speed block name, which results in a violation of Model Advisor check Check character usage in block names.

  3. In the Modeling tab, select Model Advisor > Edit-Time Checks and select the check box for Edit-Time Checks. Multiple blocks are flagged as Model Advisor check violations.

    For instance, the Engine Speed block is highlighted and, when you click the warning icon above the block, you see that the cause of the violation is Block name has incorrect characters.

    Warning icon for the block named "9Engine Speed"

  4. To exclude the Engine Speed block from Model Advisor analysis, either:

    1. Right-click the block, select Model Advisor > Exclude block only > Select checks, and select the check.

    2. Click the warning icon above the highlighted Engine Speed block. In the diagnostic window, select Suppress.

    The block is excluded from Model Advisor analysis for that check and is not highlighted for check violation.


    The list of exclusions is shared between all executions of the Model Advisor checks.

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