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Sensitivity Analysis Tool

Explore design space and determine most influential model parameters


The Sensitivity Analysis tool lets you explore the design space and determine the most influential Simulink® model parameters using design of experiments, Monte Carlo simulations, and correlation analysis.

Using this tool, you can:

  • Select and sample parameters using design of experiments.

  • Specify design requirements.

  • Perform Monte Carlo simulations to evaluate the design requirement at selected parameter values.

  • Analyze and visualize model sensitivity to parameters.

You can accelerate evaluation of design requirements using parallel computing and Simulink fast restart.

Open the Sensitivity Analysis Tool App

  • Simulink model editor: Select Analysis > Sensitivity Analysis.

  • MATLAB® command prompt: Enter ssatool('modelname').

Programmatic Use

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ssatool('modelname') opens the Sensitivity Analysis tool and creates a new session. The model must be open or on the MATLAB path.

ssatool(ssasession) opens a previously saved Sensitivity Analysis tool session.

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Introduced in R2016a