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Baseline and Equivalence Testing

Baseline, regression, and back-to-back tests comparing simulation output

Equivalence testing enables you to test a model against an expected output. You can verify consistent output over a design life cycle, or test generated code against a model. See Test Model Output Against a Baseline. You can use test harnesses and test cases to evaluate model equivalence, and specify tolerances so that expected outputs reflect acceptable differences.


Test Model Output Against a Baseline

Test simulation output against a baseline.

Apply Tolerances to Test Criteria

Specify tolerances for baseline or equivalence criteria.

Run Tests in Multiple Releases

Run test cases in multiple releases, for example, releases that do not have Test Manager.

SIL Verification for a Subsystem

Perform SIL verification using a test harnesses and the Simulation Data Inspector.

Test Two Simulations for Equivalence

Verify model equivalence in normal and SIL simulation mode.

Code Generation Verification Workflow with Simulink Test

Perform code generation verification for a model.

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