matlabshared.targetsdk.Hardware class

Package: matlabshared.targetsdk

Hardware that runs generated code


A matlabshared.targetsdk.Hardware (Hardware) object represents a hardware board supported by a target.



To construct a hardware object, use the createHardware function.

H = createHardware(hardwareName) returns a Hardware object, H, with the Name property set to hardwareName.

Input Arguments

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Name of hardware, specified as a string.

Data Types: char


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Identifier of hardware, specified as a string.

Example: 'ARM Cortex-M4F'

Data Types: char

Cell array of handles to IOInterface objects for the hardware.

Data Types: cell

Name of the hardware, specified as a string.

Data Types: char


addNewEthernetInterfaceAdd new Ethernet interface to hardware
addNewSerialInterfaceAdd serial interface to hardware
deleteEthernetInterfaceDelete Ethernet interface from hardware
deleteSerialInterfaceDelete serial interface from hardware

Introduced in R2015a