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Quick Control Function Generator Requirements

You can use the Quick-Control Function Generator, which is included in the Instrument Control Toolbox™ Support Package for National Instruments® VISA and ICP Interfaces, for any function generator that uses an underlying IVI-C driver. However, you do not have to directly deal with the underlying driver. This easy-to-use function generator, or fgen, is used for simplified fgen control and waveform generation.

Create the Quick-Control Function Generator object using the Instrument Control Toolbox fgen function. It simplifies controlling function generators and performs arbitrary waveform generations without dealing with the underlying drivers.

The documentation examples use a specific instrument, a Tektronix® AFG 3022B function generator. This feature works with any instrument that has IVI-C fgen class drivers. You can follow the basic steps, using your particular instrument.

To use the Quick-Control Function Generator for an IVI-C fgen, ensure the following software is installed. Most components are installed by the Instrument Control Toolbox Support Package for National Instruments VISA and ICP Interfaces.

  • Windows® 64-bit platforms

  • VISA shared components (installed by the support package)

  • VISA (installed by the support package)

  • National Instruments IVI® compliance package NICP 4.1 or later (installed by the support package)

  • Your instrument’s device-specific driver

You can use instrhwinfo to confirm that the required software is installed.

% Check that the software is properly installed.